ScorePlay partners with Rugby League Commercial to elevate its digital media strategy


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Rugby League Commercial (RLC) has announced a three-year partnership with ScorePlay, the leading digital asset management solution for sports. The deal was facilitated by IMG through its strategic partnership with the Rugby Football League (RFL) and Super League Europe to reimagine the sport and its competitions in the UK.

Leveraging technology and innovation, the collaboration between RLC and ScorePlay will help elevate the league’s media coverage, fan engagement, and operational efficiency. RLC will have access to ScorePlay’s cutting-edge AI-driven media management system, which is designed to streamline the process of managing, distributing, and showcasing the vast array of media assets in Rugby League.

From photos and videos to live broadcasts, ScorePlay’s system will enable RLC’s media and broadcast partners to create engaging content for their audiences more efficiently. The partnership will cover Men’s Super League, Men’s Championship, Men’s League 1, Women’s Super League, Wheelchair Super League, England, and the Challenge Cup.

The full scope of the partnership includes:

  • Full Media Hub: ScorePlay will serve as the comprehensive media hub for all photo, video, and broadcast requirements, streamlining the management of the league’s extensive content.
  • Tailored Workspaces: The 12 teams in the Men’s Super League will enjoy personalised workspaces within ScorePlay, ensuring seamless access to their specific assets and resources.
  • Athlete App: ScorePlay will manage the automatic distribution of clips to every Rugby League athlete, using AI facial recognition.
  • Seamless Integration: ScorePlay’s system will be integrated with RLC’s photo agency to enable the direct and rapid distribution of high-quality photos, enhancing the league’s media coverage.
  • Azzuu Integration: Azzuu integration empowers both the league and its teams to optimise their operations and collaborations, ensuring smoother workflows.
  • Live Streaming: The ability to live-stream up to six games every weekend, coupled with live clipping capabilities, will bring the excitement of Rugby League directly to fans’ screens with real-time authentic moments.
  • Custom Video Clipping and Data Integration: Custom video clipping and data integration will allow for in-depth analysis and easy retrieval of match actions, providing a deeper understanding of the game.
  • Usage and Analytics Dashboard: A usage and analytics dashboard provides invaluable insights into how RLC’s digital assets are being consumed, allowing for data-driven decision-making.
  • Archive ingestion: All of RLC’s archive will be tagged automatically using ScorePlay’s state-of-the-art AI, so they become completely searchable for content creators.

IMG’s digital team is also continuing to work with RLC on the sport’s digital strategy, helping to develop new ways of working, commercial valuation models and digital practices within the RFL and RLC teams.