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Pioneering official data rights

When it launched in 2012, IMG ARENA leveraged our rights expertize to pioneer the mainstream distribution of official data rights to sportsbooks. In doing so, we built new revenue streams for our clients, while delivering greater value to the sports industry.​

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Helping rightsholders harness the power of data

Data is at the heart of our business. Our Sports Services team specializes in the collection of live sports data. This data is used to power our product suites across the sports betting, media, and performance sectors.

We also provide services that help rightsholders deliver operational excellence in their day-to-day running and management of sports events and tournaments.

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Bringing sport and the sports betting industry closer together

We are a content supplier to over 400 sportsbooks globally. We collect and distribute data feeds from over 71,000 events a year, across 13 sports and 6 continents. This data is used to create odds and power betting markets in partnership with our sister company, OpenBet.

We also supply live streaming for more than 55,000 events per year – a vital tool for sportsbooks in engaging their customers during an event.

Our award-winning event centers harness our official data feeds, alongside live streaming, immersive visualizations, and statistics to provide a product that is truly fan-first. Our content portfolio is completed with iGaming, which provides virtual sports and slot games to give sportsbooks a 24/7 engagement tool.

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Taking fan engagement to the next level with immersive data

In a highly saturated sports media landscape, statistics around players and games have become the social currency for fans – a way to prove your knowledge and dedication to your sport.

We bring sports data to life through immersive front-end solutions, comprehensive metrics, and meaningful insights. Powered by data-driven technology, our suite of media data products bring unparalleled fan experiences that combine the thrill of sports with advanced analytics and captivating storytelling.

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Champions molded by data

We use data to provide insights to sports teams, leagues, and players. By combining different data sources, we produce metrics that dive deeper into the action, offering insights that are both objective and predictive.

In sports, the difference between winning and losing comes down to tiny percentiles. Our performance products are used to gain a competitive edge and build insights for player development.

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